Our Services

The Internet has transformed modern day commerce. A company, whether offering its goods and services directly to the consumer or B2B, can no longer rely on old methods of marketing, like directory books, to get business.

Your website needs to be dynamic, performance optimised, and on top of that, visually appealing. Colours, placement, design, ratio of words to call-to-actions to visuals all need to be balanced and our team of expert designers know exactly what is needed to make your website bring in work. Our research teams work hand in hand with our design and marketing teams to come up with the perfect package for your company.


Our design team will set to work on your company as soon as you come on board. We can do as little or as much for you as you want. We can redesign just your website, or go as far as to do a complete rebranding of your company and your logo, to get your company and its website looking bang up-to-date. Once you get a makeover, you will then be able to go back out into the marketplace with a new sense of purpose, a sleek new image and a renewed sense of purpose. The market will then sit up and take notice of your investment in yourself and this in itself, will open up an enormous amount of new doors and opportunities.


Design here at ontwerpwetenschappen.be is just part of the integrated strategic marketing plan we have in mind for you to widen your audience and create a customer loyalty within that audience. We will use a variety of direct and non-direct marketing campaigns to ensure the market knows about you and your new ‘branding’. This marketing campaign will ensure people who may need to know about you find out about you, and those who knew the ‘old’ you, get to know the ‘new’ you! The aim is to engage an audience and build up a database of interested parties even if it does not mean immediate sales. Collecting data can be time-consuming for a business that has several important functions to perform on a daily basis. Our involvement will ensure a database that represents an accurate representation of interested parties and hence is far more likely to help develop business.

Social Media

No one should underestimate the power of social media. Messages go across the world and back in an instant. It has never been more valid to say that distance provides no hindrance to relationships because of this constant digital connection that we share with people. It is a phenomenon that every business needs to exploit and with our expertise we are able to devise a marketing campaign using social media to capture the attention of interested or possibly interested parties. We can maintain your online social media presence for you to ensure that you are always at the forefront of peoples minds, so when the need arises for a business like yours, you are the first company that they think of.

App Development

Our service includes an audit of your existing provisions before recommending what changes or upgrades might move the business forward. We have designers, developers and consultants capable of producing ideal solutions to help your business get to your consumer in a quicker more convenient manner. We can, should you need it, design a unique App, in order for your clients to be able to quickly purchase your goods and services.

Public Relations

Communication is an essential component of business success. It is an important element both within the company’s workforce but even more so out to; the potential audience; the market as well as the traditional media, which can spread the word of your business.

We would be delighted to discuss the message that clients wish to convey on a daily, weekly or periodic basis. We have a team of copywriters dedicated to providing blogs, Press Releases as well as postings on Social Media sites such as Facebook. With your account manager, you can come up with a PR plan that works for you and your budget and between us; the reputation of your company will develop and spread.