Design Sciences aim to provide a comprehensive service for businesses keen to take advantage of the opportunities that the Internet provides. That includes everything from; the general principles of a website to the specific campaign details that make a website highly visible on the popular search engines; through to Social Media management through to App Development.

There are many areas we can asisst our clients, including Design; Copywriting; Development; Technical Maintenance; Researchers and of course, Account Management.

We pride ourselves on being able to supply all of your needs from an in-house perspective. It is important to us that we have speed of action and accountability when servicing your needs: Here at Design Sciences, we feel that this can only be done when the individual projects and departments work hand in hand, something which can only be accomplished by a group of people working for the same company, towards the same goal, with no competing agendas, conflicts of interest or time delays.

Design Sciences places a high value on the service we provide. The client is all important and is involved in discussions from the outset, throughout the formulation of the strategy and then with its implementation and ongoing monitoring. Every client forms an honest and open bond with his or her account manager, ensuring that we provide you with what you want when you want it.

We are here to help create value in our client’s business by using our expertise to support our client’s efforts to establish and retain an online audience.

Our involvement can be widespread involving everything from client’s sales and marketing to their public relations. While clients know more about their businesses than we do, we understand the questions to ask of them to devise a plan to move that business forward using the Internet and modern technology. Typically those questions involve; identifying the client’s target market; gathering information about their current position within the market; the strategies being adopted by competitors and communications and market research involving present and prospective clients. From those questions the Team will come up with some recommendations for discussion before the project really begins to take shape.


More information about our services can be found on the ontwerpwetenschappen.be site.