Our ambition is to become one of the leading design agencies in Belgium, and in recent years we have attracted top quality talent to the team here at ontwerpwetenschappen.be.  We pride ourselves on both our work ethic and the high quality of our designs.  We work across all business sectors, and specialise in traditional print design as well as digital media design.

At Design Sciences we offer clients a comprehensive service to translate their vision into reality; a website that promotes their goods and services to a target audience in an effort to generate interest and thereby increase sales. What is involved is understanding the client and devising a strategy to ensure that their website is user friendly and full of interesting, Google-rich content. It is a matter of standing out from the crowd and Design Sciences can ensure its clients do so.


Our design has focus to achieve a range of objectives:

  • To locate an audience and provide it with something that meets its needs.
  • To consider the best way to provide visual appeal with the use of colour, font, logo and imagery with consistency throughout its pages.
  • To ensure that the client’s central message is conveyed to the audience.
  • To provide a dynamic approach that continues to advise, inform and even educate the audience on an ongoing basis.
  • To prioritise the concept of user friendliness.
  • To build and retain trust in the website for our client and the target audience.

Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy is to get you seen by your clients in a positive light. We know that every business is complicated and unique, but what all businesses do have in common is the need to continually meet the needs of old clients. If a business wants to grow, they must simultaneously meet the needs of new clients. Businesses have to meet clients’ needs whilst remaining in control of their expenditure. We, here at Design Sciences, believe that you can’t pack a marketing punch these days unless you include marketing in your budget. In today’s market place you have to stand out from your competitors and the way to do this is by having a creative, all-encompassing, fully integrated online media strategy. At Design Sciences we have been delivering this to our clients for over a decade. We work with you to find the best marketing strategy for you and your market.

Internet Solutions

We specialize in Internet solutions. We have in-house design teams to create websites that are, not only dynamic and up-to-date on the eye, but that also have all the required data to climb to the top of the search engines whilst simultaneously drawing in the reader and informing them that you are their best choice. You provided us with the problems and the information you have, we then fill in the blanks with research and ideas and the marketing strategy that we feel you needed. You will have a client account manager dedicated to you and your business. They are always at the end of a call or an email and always flexible to your needs. Your account manager will constantly be monitoring your account and know where Design Sciences is with regards to your project. The marketplace is constantly changing and much of the responsibility of keeping up with the competition inevitably lands at the door of the client but at Design Sciences we accept the responsibility of integrating those changes into the website.

Award Winning Projects

Our team has won a number of industry awards in recent years, most recently for the design work undertaken on the bonus casino portal. This was a particularly challenging project in the highly competitive online casino gambling sector, where our design brief was to come up with a site that was modern, young, fresh and that incorporated key web 3.0 values. We have a considerable amount of experience within both the gaming and gambling sectors, and are one of the most prominent agencies within these sectors.

Search Engines

The popular search engines provide the means to find, attract and ultimately retain an audience. No matter what you are looking for these days, be it a restaurant; a car; a book or a service, people turn to the internet first. The search engine, most commonly Google, is the go-to place to find the thing you want to buy. It is not rocket science: If you want to increase your business, you need to be ranking at the top of the search engine’s page. In order to appear at the top of the list provided by a search engine, your website has to have the right ‘search engine optimization.’ You need to have professionals write, code and tag your website in order that it checks the right boxes for these search engines. Not only do these search engines need to find you, but also you need to show them that you have backlinks and credibility as a website.